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We at The Professional Couriers are committed to satisfy the expectations of our customers through timely and safe delivery of their consignments.

We achieve this through professional managment, team work and continuous refinement of our services.
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. How can I know whether a particular location is served by your company?
Click on Network and enter the destination name or its PIN code

2. How can I find out the delivery status of my consignments?
Enter your consignment number with three alphabets station code prefix in the Track N' Trace box and click Track

3. How can I request you to pick up a courier?
Click on Pickup Request and enter your relevant details

4. What are the customs requirement for despatch of International shipments?
Click on International documentation for relevant details

5. What are the regulatory requirements for despatch of domestic consignments in India?
Click on Terms and conditions for relevant details

6. How can I meet your representative to discuss about availing your services on a regular basis?
Go to Network and enter your city name. Click on name of the collection center for details of our local contact in your city.

7. Where should I contact to know more details about the delivery status of my consignment?
Kindly contact the customer service cell at the place of booking. Alternatively Go to Network and enter destination city name. Click on name of the collection center for details of our local contact in your city.

8. What are the articles that are banned on your services?
Click on Request to Patrons and refer under dangerous/banned articles.

9. Are there any holidays for your company that is likely to affect service schedules?
Click on Service guide and refer under National Holidays.

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